Scenes From A Hat

Volunteer for SFAH

Lunch is on us

As a public access television show we rely on our volunteer crew to operate the cameras, production assistance, floor direction, and everything else required to make this show possible. Operating on a shoestring budget means volunteers are an essential part of a quality show. This is where you come in. If you're more comfortable behind the cameras, then consider helping out the show. Not only will you receive IMDB credit for your time, we'll also feed you lunch. To start off, simply register your information and then come to the next recording day.

Lights, free Camera training, Action

Free Training!

With five episodes being recorded each recording day once a month, you can choose to work for as many episodes as you desire. We schedule camera resources ahead of time so if you have a preferred timeslot, be sure to fill out the availability form for each recording day that you plan to be volunteering for. Don't worry about not knowing how to run a studio camera, they're easy and we provide training. There are really only five things you need to know to be effective:

  1. Critical focus - Zoom all the way in, get focus, don't adjust
  2. Zoom - Adjusting so the subject appears closer or farther
  3. Pan - Rotating the camera left and right
  4. Tilt - Moving the camera up and down
  5. Listen to the director (switch operator)

Remy as Floor Director

Stepping up

Floor direction and production assistance require a bit more training and experience with the show, the games, and basic operations. If you come to the show on a regular basis, run cameras and learn the functions of FD or PA by observation and want to do one of these jobs, let us know and we'll get you scheduled for an episode to see how it goes.

Kat on Switcher/Director

The big guns

Even director/switching is open to you. This position requires a few more steps as required by Town Square Television. They are:

  1. Become a member of TST
  2. Take the free Intro To Community TV class
  3. Take the Studio Production Certification class
  4. Sit in on a few episodes in the control room to learn how it's done
  5. Read the game documents to learn the games and the director/camera operations

Easy peasy! When it comes to camera direction, most games are played in the same way and require the same directions. The game documents will identify this to make it a little easier. Visit the games list on this site to learn more.