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Cherelle and David

Join our studio audience

It’s fun and it’s free!

Town Square Television
5845 Blaine Avenue
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

Five episodes are recorded on the third Saturday of every month. Doors open at 9AM and we begin recording at 10AM. We break for lunch (provided for all) at noon and wrap up at 4PM. The episodes air the following month on public access cable TV and are also published on Youtube.

Daily schedule

"So when's the best time to come?", you ask? While we'd love for you to join us all day, we understand that eight hours of comedy can be a lot for anyone - not us, of course. So here's our recording day schedule:

Blank Chair
09:00 AM - Doors open - muffins in the conference room
10:00 AM - Blank Chair episode for newbies
11:00 AM - Skill building episode
12:00 PM - LUNCH TIME!
01:00 PM - Standard episode
02:00 PM - Standard episode
03:00 PM - Standard episode
04:00 PM - That's a wrap - clean up time!

Faces of Comedy

So there it is, out in the open. Just pick the block that interests you the most and join us. We operate an open studio during recording. Come on in, even if we're right in the middle of recording. Don't worry about the cameras or getting in the way - we'll figure it out. All we ask is that you remain quiet until there's something to laugh about - which is pretty much most of the time.

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