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Getting on the show is easy if you have the skills. "So what's this all about and how much is it gonna cost me?", you ask? In the beginning we let every Tom, Dick, and Marry onto the show, kind of like an open mic night at a comedy club. That worked great at first to get people interested in being on the show. Eventually, we got a lot of people interested and many became regulars and also very good at improv comedy. It didn't seem fair to pair a complete newbie at improv comedy with a seasoned player, so we came up with the idea of Improv-U, a forum where potentials can learn the games and improve their skills. Seasoned players can learn new games, help the newbies, and improve their skills as well.

Practice makes perfect! We meet up on Wednesdays just prior to our recording days from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM. Everyone is welcome. Please eat before coming.

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