Scenes from a Hat


New and Existing Talent SCENES FROM A HAT·WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29, 2018 Back to start Anyone who has already gotten on camera (full episode or blank chair) is “grandfathered in” and does not need to go through this process. This is for new talent going forward, effective October 1, 2018. New talent process Attend Improv-U session the week it is being held for that month’s taping day – these are held once a month the week before a taping day (usually Wednesday). See the Improv-U Facebook page for the full schedule. Participate as Blank Chair in a Blank Chair episode on taping day. You must have attended Improv-U that week. Nathan and Steve will determine your readiness to be in a full episode. If they feel you need to learn the games more or get more practice before you can be in a full episode, that is at their discretion. New and existing talent episode selection Schedule for taping day is made at the Improv-U earlier that week. 1st priority: those that are at Improv-U regularly and that have had a long tenure 2nd priority: those that show up on taping day that have had a long tenure or have previously been in a full episode 3rd priority: those that show up on taping day that have been blank chair, but not a full episode.

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