Scenes from a Hat

Code of Conduct

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David and Vincent


Be respectful of everyone. If you just need to vent, M.A. is willing to listen. If you don’t feel an issue is getting resolved, take the issue to Steve. Remember that he is usually very busy on a recording date, so please contact him outside of the group or set up a time with him. If the issue is with Steve and you feel as if you can’t talk to him, bring it to Nathan or M.A.


Studio Etiquette

Don’t bring drama through the door – we are a team with a common goal, so no talking bad about others or backstabbing. If you have criticism for another player or have an issue with someone, find a private place to voice your concerns so we don’t have bad feelings on or after a taping day. Remember, not everyone is at the same skill level. Have constructive and positive criticism, don’t just bash someone. We have a very open environment and allow a lot of leeway for creativity and just plain doing things different. Also, the time to do bring up skills improvement is at Improv-U, not the recording day. That’s our day of fun, not critique.


Lav Mics

Be mindful of your mic. Avoid hitting or rubbing near the mic. Refrain from laughing out super loud or clapping while mic’ed. If you feel compelled to laugh or clap, do so as quietly as possible. Before clipping on your transmitter, make sure it’s turned on and the volume knob is set to the halfway point. Note, the switch at the halfway point is NOT on, but muted. The switch must be all the way to the right.


Practices are ESSENTIAL. This is where we will practice how things will work in the show so we can all be as prepared as possible. if you can, please try to make practices a priority. New games will be introduced at practices, so if you’re not there, you won’t know how to play and will cause a delay in the episode recording. It is your job to understand the flow of the show and how things are going to work on recording day. Listen carefully to instructions of the floor director so they do not have to be repeated.


Audience Etiquette

Please treat audience members (non-players) like VIPs. Always defer to them for where they would like to sit. Best would be in the front so they have an unobstructed view, but some don’t want to sit in the front, so that should be respected. Always let audience members eat first and always give up your seat at the table if you see them standing while trying to eat. Introduce yourself if you see someone new. Tell them you’re glad they’re there. Chat with them if we’re not in the middle of a show.



Without a full time set of volunteer crew, SFAH needs your help as camera operators, production assistants, and floor directors. Consider volunteering for these as it improves our show. Fixed cameras just aren’t as good as cameras that track players. Also remember that one of your fellow players might be on camera while you’re on stage, so return the favor if you can. We’re working on getting a more permanent crew but they are hard to find and keep. If you see a crew position need, bring it to Steve and he will hear your idea. The more smoothly we can make things operate on recording days, the more our audience will enjoy the in-studio show.

The Set

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